Travel Style Options Explained

Cruise or Tour?

There are many types of Cruises and Land Based Vacations

There is much more to consider when choosing a travel style than “Do I want to Cruise or Tour?”

Arrow Discovery Travel will work with you to help you determine what vacation options are right for you and your travel party, based on the parameters of each particular vacation.

A note about lead time required; for best choice of dates and early booking discounts, you should be ready to make your reservation 6 months to a year in advance.

The more customized your trip is, the longer planning time involved.

Most cruises and guided tours spend a minimal amount of time in the cities where they start and finish. In order to ensure you have plenty of time to explore these cities, you should plan to add a few days before and after your cruise/tour.

There are dozens of Cruise Lines, each with their own ambiance and catering to a certain type of traveler, over 250 cruise ships, some offering over 30 categories of staterooms. How do you choose which cruise line, itinerary and stateroom is right for you?

There are unlimited varieties of land based vacation options.

Oasis of the Seas Cruise Ship
Oasis of the Seas
Tende. France
Tende. France

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