How to determine your travel style for a specific vacation

While choosing a destination, another question to consider is

“What travel style is right for this trip?”

The travel option you choose for may vary for each trip depending on the composition of the traveling party, the destination(s) visited, the objective of the trip and the amount of time and budget you have available.

Moorea French Polynesia Or Tulum Mexico
Moorea, French Polynesia   Tulum, Mexico


HOW MUCH time do I have for this trip?

Cruise the Mediterranean - Monaco Or Land based with excursions - Stonehenge
Cruise the Mediterranean - Monaco   Land based with excursions - Stonehenge

WHEN do I want to go and HOW SOON do I need to make my reservations?

Romance in Greece Or Villa in Provence with your friends
Romance in Greece   Villa in Provence with your friends

With whom am I traveling?

What resources does my destination offer?

Safari with Mom in Tanzania Or Danube River Cruise
Safari with Mom in Tanzania   Danube River Cruise

Why am I planning this particular trip?

HOW MUCH do I want to spend?

As you can see, there are many variables that factor into choosing the best travel solution for a particular trip. After a consultation with you to determine your trip requirements, Arrow Discovery Travel will be able to recommend and explain the travel style options that will accommodate your needs.

Now that you have some idea of the matters to consider, you might want to:

Learn about the different types of cruises and land based vacations available

Travel Style Options

Cruise or Tour?

There are cruises and tours/land based vacations for every travel style, budget and group of travelers.

Arrow Discovery Travel will work with you to help you determine what vacation options are right for you and your travel party, based on the parameters of each particular vacation.

Oasis of the Seas
Oasis of the Seas
Tende, France
Tende, France

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